Yamaha XJR1300 CS-06 Dissident

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2015_YAM_YBXJR1300DISSIDENT_EU_CUSTOM_STAT_002You should know by now we’re massive fans of the Yard Built project: Yamaha’s efforts at working with Europe’s top custom bike builders/designers without the prerequisite (and over-exuberant) hipster beards and angle grinders. This is the XJR1300 CS-06 Dissident by Portuguese outfit, ‘it roCkS!bikes’

Celebrating 20 years of the XJR1300, Osvaldo Coutinho and Alexandre Santos got all dissident with Yamaha’s tubby street roadster and added their signature one-piece tank and seat unit. Unlike the duo’s previous builds, the CS-06 is a completely free of cutting and welding, so meticulous component selection and the good old speed block design qualities are key.

As well as a feast of hidden trinkets (recessed LEDs, etc) and alloy bolt-ons, the Dissident’s highlights include a handbuilt exhaust, R1 forks mated to a modified headstock, and 17-inch Kineo wheels which ensure any steed looks sexual. Six-piston ISR calipers bite gargantuan 340mm discs should stop the old girl. If only she was mass-produced…

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