Yamaha MT-10: R1-powered wheelies

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Yamaha’s MT series and the ‘Dark Side of Japan’ is one of motorcycling’s biggest success stories in recent times. Edging away from dreary, budget four-pot naked bikes that didn’t sell, Yamaha has blown away Japanese rivals with fun-packed twins and triples packing oodles of torque-infested character. And now this: the R1-powered MT-10.

Before you get too much of a chubby, it isn’t a full-fat R1 supernaked but an abundance of YZF genes are clearly evident. The MT-10 features a retuned version (no power/torque figures yet) of the new-gen CP4 motor, tweaked for bottom-end and midrange with a revised intake, exhaust system and fuelling strategies alongside other internal tweakery. You also get Yamaha’s YCC-T throttle and D-Mode electronics, so three rider modes, 3-stage traction control and – new for 2016 – cruise control. There’s also the option of a quickshifter.

Although developed from the R1’s frame, the MT-10’s chassis has been tweaked for everyday versatility and big wheelies. Its Deltabox frame features an altered ‘rigidity balance’ allowing for a short wheelbase of 1400mm. According to Yamaha, the 10’s riding position is marginally sportier/further forward than the MT-09.

More when we get it. It’ll be available May 2016…


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