Win a brand-new RST V4.1 airbag suit!

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Welcome back to another Monday Night Show, or Lockdown Show. Or whatever else we’re going to call the bloody thing. This exciting new format – which has never been attempted previously, nor have we based it on any daytime television show – was conjured up to help ease the pain of lockdown, and it’s safe to say it’s been well appreciated.   

This week’s show went down so well in fact, that the producers of the One Show got in contact and wanted us to come in to BBC towers for a casting sesh*. Also quite interested were the sexy people at RST, who rang and offered gifts of gold, frankincense and Joan Mir. And suits. That’s right; in this week’s show, we’re offering you the chance to win a factory-spec V4.1 airbag suit (and a year’s subscription).   

All you have to do is tell his why YOU should win the RST suit. The funniest/bestest/most persuasive justification will walk away with a prize worth over £1,199. Get involved. 

*They didn’t.

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  1. You guys are F@#king great. I’m in there for the big kangaroo prize. Hope I win that shit so I can show it off on my tinny Youtube channel. Keep up the fantastic work. Eric K2 1000

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