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ice1Have you ever woken up one morning and thought, fuck it; I’m going to pull a massive 130mph wheelie on a frozen lake? No? Neither have I. 24-year-old Robert Gull from Sweden, riding a BMW S 1000 RR, has just set a new Guinness World Record by becoming the first guy to wheelie on a frozen lake at over 200km/h. Them crazy Scandinavians…

Being a Swede, Gull is no stranger to sub-zero conditions and was recently clocked at over 200km/h over a kilometre stretch – with a pillion on the back. He also broke the previous ‘wheelie-on-a-frozen-lake’ record held by American, Ryan Suchanek on a ZX-10R set at 183km/h. According to sources, Ryan is an amputee with one leg, though we can’t confirm or deny this.

Robert and his team set a date for the record attempt on the 28th of February. The RR’s sticky race rubber was swapped for spiked tyres, built by Robert himself in his garage. After a few test runs to ascertain the correct tyre for the conditions, he managed to keep it up for the required 100 metres, crossing the line at 206.09 km/h – which is 128.05mph in real money.

“Now we have to send all material to Guinness to get it approved and made official,” said Robert. “I know that many other riders across the world will attempt to beat this record before the summer. I’m not sure if they will succeed, but whatever happens, I’ll remain satisfied because I was the first one in the world to wheelie over 200 km/h on ice. Best of luck to all the others who attempt to beat this speed.” Now that sounds like a challenge…

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