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Hello beautiful people and welcome to the new and improved 44teeth.com – the hub for all things at, ermmm, 44Teeth where you’ll find exquisite content of all kinds. Now, more than ever, we need an independent platform to showcase this content. We simply cannot rely on YouTube and ever-increasing censorship issues as we move forward. Not only that, shooting video is currently limited for obvious reasons, so please come back regularly for informative and entertaining features, tests and anything two-wheeled…  

I can already hear whispers of disdain; 44T always has – and always will be – focused on video, but this website is purely another piece of the armoury. Myself and Boothy both came from a proper journalistic background, so it’ll be nice to tap some keys and, for you guys, it’ll be nice to ogle at some sexy imagery, Brucey bonus material and a few exciting user-based ideas we have in the future. They reckoned that, by 2021, 85% of the internet would be video. I’m not sure who ’they’ are, but they’re not far off. However, 44teeth.com will fill the gaps.    

Talking of gaps, you’ll notice a gaper in content, which started when we began to revamp the website (last year) until this point, but now the wordsmith Boothy has joined us, we’ll have daily uploads. We’ve also decided to monetise the site in order to help us grow; it won’t be riddled with pop-ups or granny porn, just subtle (and relevant, so you might see granny porn) ads to fund 44T’s future – and continue world domination.
Thanks for reading. And thanks to the dons at Digitally Charged for helping our sorry arses with the new site. Every click counts, so please share away and let us know what you’d like to see on the site. 

Jason, Sue and Boothy x 

19 Responses

  1. Love the new website, it looks more streamlined and complete than the previous one. I’m looking forward to the new content as always, keep up the good work. In my humble opinion you guys are the best and the most entertaining motorcycle journalists.

  2. Nice 9ne lads, looking forward to this and what ye bring. With the current situation its nice to bring a bit of routine and looking forwardness to the table! Albeit a table full of retrabates and master bates!

    Love the whole 44teeth ethos so please keep it up and so very glad that ye are not falling into the YT category which all my kids follow

    Anything needed in Ireland just shout

  3. I’m offshore Egypt. Have been since November…….you boys are entertaining me (alongside copius amounts of porn) Great job…….when are we seeing the SRAD and 7R comeback vids???? Danny

  4. Well done All! Looking forward to it and thank you for getting us through all this lockdown business yet again!

  5. Great to see new website. I hit “donate” and seems like your account is not activated. Take a look. Cheers from sunny Portugal. As I say before, when the crew come back to Portugal I offer the Super Bock.

  6. Cant wait to see more of your content. Got a lot of my buddies to watch your YouTube. With lack of going out time for you guys, maybe do some good brief of your guys bikes and what you did to them. We know you got a lot of bikes but one or two tat you adore new or old and chat them up in your guys funny way.

  7. Nice work lads fantastic content I hope it just keeps growing for you so you can all take some reward for the time you have put into it all.

  8. Just like for you to give a shout out to BeMoto they ended up giving me the best price to insure my new V4 S Multistrada top firm. From Nick

  9. Chaps, really want to get myself a black 44T sticker, but it’s not an option in the drop down menu. Is it me? Do you need to sack or entire web team or are they out of stock

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