Video: What’s Inside A Fork?

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fork2We get some weird and wacky requests here at 44Teeth: everything from entertaining, informative content ideas to cock-shots and ladies wanting to make sweet love to Baron’s voice. Who can blame these vixens?

When a certain request is acknowledged more than once, it’s definitely worth pursuing. There was an onslaught of inquisitives following the Öhlins FGRT fork fitting to the Vonda, ranging from questions regarding a fork’s internals to suspension set-up tips. Seeing as the ‘Blade was sat at JHS Racing, we decided to dissect the golden guts in video format rather than writing some inane drivel.

I’ve spent years wasting other peoples money racing, getting engrossed in suspension and subsequent jargon, and I’ve never been privy to a ‘shim stack’ before – until now. What does a piston look like? How long is a spring? Have a gander, and if you’ve got anymore ideas/requests/needs, drop us a line…

Please note: this video is unlisted for a reason, as it isn’t really a standalone 44T YouTube edit.

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