Video: Triumph Tiger 800 XC at Trailquest

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Triumph’s Tiger 800 is an easily neglected bike through no fault of its own. There’s nothing overly sexy about Hinckley’s midi-adventurer and it’s often overshadowed by its bigger, sexier, more powerful brother – a bit like Phil Neville in many ways. But then you remember it’s powered by an offshoot of one of the sexiest motors ever created.

Thankfully, the Triumph Tiger 800 is nothing like Gary Neville, and we blagged an invite to access its off-road prowess at the Triumph Adventure Centre in the Malvern Hills, run by the fine folk at Trailquest. Excuse the onslaught of recent muddy rutting: first there was supercross, now here’s a much meeker take on off-roading that packs just as much fun without the danger of picking your nose with your own femur…

While Chris pulled a sickie, I jumped onboard and enjoyed some stunning scenery at Trailquest’s exclusive facility, cramming endless types of terrain among thousands of acres with top-shelf panoramas.


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