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Welcome back to another week and another lockdown show – the show that keeps changing name but I think we’ve finally settled on ‘The Lockdown Show,’ because it’s a show during lockdown. I’m sure you’re as bored, frustrated and going as insane as we are but, fear not, here’s the tonic you’ve been looking for with the weekly dose of all-things moto and the usual guff. The feedback has been astonishingly positive, so it looks like we’ll carry on with this little nugget for as long as it’s feasible.

In this week’s feast of faffery, there’s plenty of news to discuss including Norton’s latest revival, a new KTM, BMW quitting trade shows and a new do-it-all winter tyre. We’ve also got the usual features; ‘Show us your growler’ and ‘Fat Chat’ as well as a new segment called ‘Mass Debate.’ Feel free to drop us an email or slide right into our DMs with any growler entries.

And, last but not least, we announce the RST V4.1 airbag suit winner…

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  1. hi guys watched the show on Monday and done as you asked I’ve favourited and bookmarked this website only have you and *o*nhub so think yourself’s lucky!!! ta foster

  2. Well I’ve only gone and done it !! Went on the website and now I have like a little app thing on my phone that brings me here

    I Accidentally come across you lads on YouTube and ive and I’m hooked keep up the good work

  3. #Why Arai short story Competition

    So, bought a cheeky CBR 1000F in September. Wife went mad !!!
    She thinks it’s gone to auction!!
    It’s actually languishing in a mates back garden under a Oxford bike cover!!!
    Til I can talk her round !!! Wish me luck.
    Oh and I could do with a new helmet as mine is 20 years old!!


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