Video: The 44T Lockdown Show

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Without trying to state the obvious, we’re living in unprecedented times – unprecedentedly negative times too – so our job is to bring you guys some positivity on a regular basis. I like to think we do that anyway, but we’ve come up with a consistent way of delivering this positivity. 

Welcome to ’The Show’ – we’re not entirely sure what it’s going to be called yet but for now, it’s called ’The 44T Lockdown Show’ which is brimming with all things moto; news, current affairs and your usual dose of inane drivel. 

What would you like to see next week or in the coming weeks? Feel free to drop a comment (hopefully they’re working again) or email us. 

5 Responses

  1. Great work, fellas. My brother enjoyed your review of the Suzuki GSX-S 1000F and later bought one. I’ve just passed my CBT and bought a Benelli BN125. It seems to be somewhat slower than my brother’s bike. A mechanical defect, do you think? I painted a go-faster stripe on it, and it sill doesn’t keep up!!!

  2. chumps!! NEWS haha is amazing always love an anchorman reference.
    Thanks for the content and the comedy you fellas always cheers me up.
    Roll on summer and ride safe.

  3. #Why Arai short story competition…

    So, bought a cheeky CBR 1000F in September. Wife went mad !!!
    She thinks it’s gone to auction!!
    It’s actually languishing in a mates back garden under a Oxford bike cover!!!
    Til I can talk her round !!! Wish me luck.
    Oh and I could do with a new helmet as mine is 20 years old!!


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