Video: Suzuki GSX-R1000R + Arrow Pro Race Titanium

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Let’s begin with a big, fat Happy New Year to all 44Teefers, before moving on swiftly to more pressing matters; like binning the dustbin on our Suzuki GSX-R1000R longtermer. Remember this fine steed? It’s played second fiddle to work commitments in recent months (like Budget Bike Battles) but the first job of 2019 was to remove its standard can and source an aftermarket solution, and fit winter rubber. 

Hunting horsey power by fitting a can on today’s superbikes is usually a pointless task. With all the Euro4 guffery installed between the headers and silencer, the only gains you’re likely to see are aesthetic and aural, although this Arrow Pro Race Titanium and our GSX-R turned out to be a sexy anomaly…


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  1. An extra 4 bhp – wow. Shame there is no chance to use it on a track day. Still plenty of opportunity to really annoy other road users and the general public and hasten the demise of motorcycling. I’ve just got a R version for Xmas and look forward to using it on track – in its standard form. Perhaps you might want to fit running lights to blind as well as deafen? Surely the trick of road riding is to make progress without drawing attention to yourself? Or am I a just a grumpy old git?

  2. Great video Al, thanks so much. Would you be so kind as to share a bit more rationale on the choice of the T31s? Is it just past experience and success or is there more to it? Also very nice return on investment with the Arrow can without a remap. Audio track improvement IMO as well.

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