Video: Scrambler Sixty2 Launch – EP02

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Apologies for the radio silence. We’ve been embroiled in a super-hectic fortnight of hedonism, stag sessions, and circumnavigating the globe. Well, Austria and other morsels of western Europe to be precise. But fear not, as we’re back in full 44Turbo mode with the second episode of the Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 launch in Barcelona.

You may recall last time when we battled BCN’s horrendous traffic (and its onslaught of traffic lights), though this time we had more of a chance to review the Sixty2 and escape to suburbia. There have been numerous comments regarding the lil’ Scrambler’s feasibility amid a pack of more budget A2 steeds and why you’d want to opt for the smaller, only slightly cheaper bike over the 800. As of 2017, A2 bikes can’t be restricted big boys, so only A2-ready models can be sold from the showroom. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to the secondhand market.

Anyway, we’ve got a juicy stack of cool shot coming up but in the meantime, enjoy some more Barcelona-based japes…  


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