Video: R1 + ZX-10R onboard at Parcmotor

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Some of Spain’s hidden charms include Cordoba, Merida, Nacho Monreal (Peter Crouch’s younger brother) and jamon iberico. There’s also a lesser-known circuit in Castelloli just outside Barcelona, chastened by the Spain’s veritable medley of world-class GP tracks. But it’s bloody awesome.

Parcmotor is built into a quarry and the layout showcases its rocky foundations: packed with undulations, stimulating sections and crams every type of corner you can imagine into a lap. In case you didn’t know, we took Yamaha’s R1 and Kawasaki’s 2016 ZX-10R for two days of track spankings, so here are a couple of cheeky onboards for your viewing pleasure…

Both videos feature Baron musing over the combination of this sexual stretch of tarmac and the individual steeds, before I jump on and provide full, undiluted lappage. Enjoy.



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