Video: Minimotos + Mobility Scooters

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We have an office, an actual place to call home. This dainty little office should have been the location for our retrospective review on the post-Xmas minimoto endurance shenanigans, tawdry backdrops and all, though some technicalities impeded such reserved notions.

Instead, we descended on Hexagon in Farnham where Baron used his suave and sophistication to blag some mobility scooters for a few hours. What better props to portray a star-studded evening on minimotos – combined with a smattering of broken bones – than some peng chariots?

If you missed the sexual photography and wordsmithery, it’s here. All that’s left to do is say a big thank you to the aforementioned Hexagon, Robbie Lab Media for the videography and Swindon Karting Arena for hosting us. And in case you were wondering, the three-wheeled ‘TGA Supersport’ (yes, that’s its actual name) costs nearly £5,000 in used trim. So next time you’re moaning about the price of bikes…


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