Video: Lords of the Ring EP02 | Nurburgring

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What bikes do you imagine when you think of lapping the Nurburgring? Probably not big, fat adventure heifers. But that’s exactly what we took to the ‘Ring because we’re hardcore renegades a bit stupid. Then again, the trio performed admirably (thanks to Bridgestone A40 rubber) although we soon worked out this was a two-horse race that involved 280 horsepower.

Hopefully you’ve seen the first instalment, and the second episode of Lords of the Ring is all about smashing the laps. After sampling some outstanding roads and squeezing in a cheeky band practice, we eventually spun some laps at the Nurburgring on KTM’s 1290 Super Adventure S, the BMW GS Rallye and Triumph’s Explorer – sans instruments.

Big thanks to: Bridgestone for the A40 rubbery goodness, RST for the work wear, and Camping World for the onslaught of fine camping equipment. Take a look at what we took (and some super deals on kit) here. Next up, the debut single from 44beatz…


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