Video: KTM MX Experience

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KTM_motocross_experience_100_NFL5347Better late than never, here’s our day out at the KTM MX Experience in blisteringly sexual video format. Much fun was had by all, inlcuding Baron, who’d never even seen a motocross track before and struggled with dust in his bouffant, while I had to try and absorb new techniques and instruction from ex-GP rider, Barry Johnson.

As we touch on in the vid, MX is a brutally physical sport. I entered my first race a few weeks ago and suffered with terminal arm-pump and had to retire, as if my arms had been eaten by a shark with rabies and replaced with Popeye’s forearms. As Barry touches on, it’s also a sport that’ll help with road riding and fundamental bike skills. And do you know what ‘roosting’ is to today’s non-biking yoof? No? You’ll find out.

In the words of Harry from Days of Thunder, loose is fast…

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