Video: Harleys, Wakeboarding & ‘Gators

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At the end of last year, I drunk four pints of Stella – all before 8.30am – and drunkenly boarded a plane to Orlando for the Bridgestone H50 tyre launch. The flight was full of nauseating children who had been fed sugar, possibly even northern-spec amphetamine by the intense state of some, all en route to Disney Land in Florida. I’m not entirely sure what my point is but the Stella numbed the sprog-induced pain somewhat.

Anyway, back to the tyre launch, and we had a full week in the US, yet only a day’s riding. There are 1.3 million alligators in Florida so, to fill some time, we went ‘gator hunting in a Gentle Ben style and attempted to wakeboard. Neither was very successful but japes were had nonetheless.

And of the riding? I sampled probably the worst motorcycle in the world and had an epiphany. Ladies and gents, here’s a week’s worth of Bridgestone H50 launch squeezed into a short vid.


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