Video: 44Teeth’s Birthday Bonanza

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This Sunday (22/11/15) is 44Teeth’s 1st birthday, which is pretty special. Special because we’ve survived a whole year of awesomeness rammed with fun and thrills, a shit-load of grafting, and haemorrhaging catastrophic levels of cash. We’ve managed to blag our way onto quite a few Gucci press launches, gained several digital awards* and, despite being a bit loose, attracted nearly 20k YouTube subs and a twelveteen billion monthly unique users to this very site.

In a world where the internet gives everyone a free licence to act like raging thunderkünz – going by the comments, emails, love letters and lingerie – it sounds as though our content, honesty and efforts to approach things slightly differently to the mainstream motorcycle media has been appreciated. It’s just two of us fuelled by an addiction and a little help from some friends. And the bank. We don’t pretend to be anything else.

Thanks for viewing, clicking, liking, sharing, watching and anything else-ing. Here’s our year in motion. As Carl says, enjoy…



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