Video: Fireblade Fettling

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vid2After a lax servicing period and several track dates looming, we decided to treat BvG’s Fireblade to some much-needed refurbishment at JHS Racing. Brake pads needed changing (as you can see from the video), the oil needed dropping (it resembled Hulk’s jizz) and, in general, the whole bike required some titivation.

And as good as the Power Commander V’s Autotune function is, a few experts reckon the Fireblade’s lambda sensor being so close to the exhaust outlet means that interference can take place from escaping gases finding their way back in, therefore ‘contaminating’ the map. James spent an hour installing a custom map and the results were über positive – 163bhp when we entered, 166bhp when we left.

In truth, peak power is irrelevant here. As you can see from the graph in the vid, the air/fuel ration is now bang-on and it’s the tangible improvements in the midrange that will prove most beneficial – around 5-6bhp in some areas and the throttle pick-up has also been enhanced.

For me, an oil change is essential after every trackday/race weekend, even at his Lordship’s humble pace. The amount of abuse and strain a gearbox goes through every lap, every session, it needs every ounce of help it can get. Although it’s nearly double the price of semi-synthetic, we chucked in some Motul 300V.

Being a tight bastard, BvG opted for some ‘everyday’ Brembo SC pads because they were cheap, though I’m trying to dust the moths off the wallet for some Z04s.

Big thanks to James and JHS Racing for allowing us to takeover his workshop. Love x

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