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Some forms of flashing are frowned upon, and rightly so. However, ECU flashing has become a staple part of sportsbike lifestyle in recent years, particularly as superstock racing now permits ECU fettling, and rightly so. Is the good old fashioned fuelling module redundant?

Based on these results, yes. At just over £200 for an exclusive map (plus dyno time), it’s not only more effective but cheaper than a fuelling module too. That said, Power Commanders and the like are still used as a piggyback for realtime dyno work and fine tuning fuelling. Let’s not forget that we’re dealing with a stock ECU, exactly how the bike left the factory. It’s what’s inside – and its adjustability with the relevant software – that counts. As well as superbike exotica, with infinite levels of racing electronics, happy shoppers such as the SV650 and ER-6 have mind-blowing levels of fine tuning and Gucci features hidden inside a stock ECU.

Some time ago, we raided JHS Racing and brought along the 44Rewards Yamaha R1M for an ECU remap. With the help of Will Holland (the most technically astute teenager in the world) and Rich from Woolich Racing, we spent the day on the dyno extracting the most out of the R1M.

As you’ll soon fathom, flashing and remapping ECUs certainly isn’t all about peak power gains and eleventeen billion bhp dyno readings. All bikes have their own distinctive foibles, the R1M’s being a snatchy throttle and general poor ride-by-wire execution.

The results speak for themselves. No other tuning can offer such bang-for-buck or straightforward gains. It’s also worth pointing out that, while flashing is perfectly safe, it’s also vital that you go to the right people. Backstreet Barry in Essex may well own a fancy laptop and brag extensive ECU knowledge but, having witnessed first hand, the wrong hands could have devastating safety and performance consequences.

Anyway, grab a cuppa and enjoy…


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  1. Great video guys and great work , love the passion and real life approach to enjoying the motorcycling industry.

    I have had my 2015 R1 tunning done by Phil Tainton in Melbourne Australia, we used a power commander, smog block off plates and a stock air filter. Running it on 98 octane fuel, the bike is producing 199.74 hp at the rear and 86.43 foot pound of torque.

    The Yamaha factory race team in Australia uses the race ecu from Yamaha that allows a few extra peramiters of adjustment, but it protects the engine from other factors that can cause a lot of damage to the engine by ecu flashing
    , to do with octane changes in the fuel as well the technical aspects of advancing and retarding the ignition that some ecu flashes can impact on, I only know a little on these areas so forgive my ignorance if it sounds like rubbish.

    The race teams here use the race ecu plus the power commander and a full race system, they keep the engines stock and are very secretive as to what they make, but I understand somewhere around the 220 hp at the rear with a huge midrange. The results in the midrange I have achieved on mine are huge compared to where it was before.

    I will email you a copy of the dyno print out too as i found it very interesting. Also thanks for the explanation of the dip in the dyno curve due to the velocity stacks, that has explained the dip on my results to.

    Keep up the great material and you guys will have to come to Melbourne some time, Phillip Island is amazing and is waiting for you guys to come and visit.

    Also have a look at Phil Tainton, he is famous for tuning and building some amazing world class Superbike etc, the guy know his stuff.


    Chad Woodhouse

  2. Thanks for the knowledge guys! Its information like this you dont get anywhere else. I’m glad to hear you mention going for a smooth transition of power and not big dyno numbers. Smooth is fast! I also agree on getting a reputable guy to do the work. A few years ago in the Audi S4 scene there was a bloke doing tunes. Turns out he was charging a lot of money to flash your ECU and stick in a map from another tuner he had nicked. You have to be careful about some bloke on a forum or craigslist promising the world. It pays to do the research and get your work done properly.

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