Video: Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 Launch – EP01

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Months ago, we were cordially invited to the Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 launch in Barcelona. Both of us. 44T en masse. Brilliant. The downside? Sharing a bed. This is Ducati’s first assault on the A2 segment and the A2 segment’s first premium entry in a field of budget, sparrow-limbed steeds.  

The launch itself featured everything we’ve come to expect from the brand within a brand: building skateboards, spray painting, urban lifestyle and a barrage of all things beardy – together with BCN’s horrendous traffic issues – and we’ve finally managed to piece together some videos.

This first episode isn’t much of a review, more a battle against rush-hour commuters and the stop/start nature of Barcelona’s traffic light-infested infrastructure. Our written review is here if you fancy some Sixty2 riding dynamics and juicy factoids, or you’re too impatient for the next video(s), but in the meantime, enjoy some soft porn scenes…


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