Video: Ducati Cup Vlog @ Oulton Park BSB + Onboard

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Pic: Bonnie Lane

Oulton Park is one of those archetypal UK racetracks. Stunning Cheshire scenery, an exhilarating rollercoaster of undulations, crests and rises, multiple surface changes and bordering on precarious in terms of safety – as verified last weekend with a few bikes greeting spectator areas. Not that I’m complaining though. If you don’t want to race it, don’t ride it…

Like Cadwell, it’s also a circuit that’s never been kind to me. I love riding it but not racing it, instead favouring more flowing GP-style tracks where the entire circuit can be used and more of a rhythm is established. Basically, I’m shit at these tracks.

With this in mind, as the latest round of the Ducati Cup rolled into Oulton along with the rest of the British Superbike circus, a few ‘solid’ (I hate that phrase) point-scoring rides would suffice. As it happens, the P&H/Carl Cox Motorsport squad had a decent weekend as Leon walked away with the championship lead and I bettered that ‘solid’ goal. Still in search of that solid poo though.

After a dodgy camera mount finally failed, so did our attempts to provide a quality onboard lap of the place. However, there’s a bonus out-lap to whet the appetite…


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