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The ‘Dream Garage’ feature was an idea to showcase willing individuals’ man caves for you beauties to peruse, although it’s safe to say we peaked too soon with Patrick’s collection of factory Grand Prix bikes – and consequent eargasms. The criteria isn’t too strict for a Dream Garage feature, but everything after Casey’s Stoner’s GP8 and Kevin Schwantz’s RGV500 is probably going to seem relatively dull…

For some strange reason, it seems you guys have a real penchant for our ‘personal’ bikes. The only bike I (personally) own is a 1999 Honda CR125 – the very same bike that ended my motocross career and forced me onto tarmac – so it wouldn’t make a very interesting video. Chris’s current collection will eventually make an appearance when he can be arsed but, for now, it’s the turn of 44Teeth’s fresh meat.

For those of you who don’t know, Boothy has raced at the Isle of Man TT since I had my first foray back in 2016 and has gone onto lap at 126mph, and raced at other international road races with decent success – although he’s quite modest and doesn’t get aroused by it. It’s safe to say we have a world class wrecking crew here at 44T and, in this video, Boothy shows us round his bunker…

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