Video: BvG’s Super Duke R on the Dyno

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Boom, there it is: 157bhp of manic v-twin manners in graphical format, and video below. We took BvG’s KTM 1290 Super Duke R to JHS Racing for a power run and this was the result. For a bog-stock motor and Akrapovic can, the numbers are impressive…

We’ve seen anything from 150bhp to 155bhp, and know that even an end-can (with an outlet bore to match the inlet) brings an extra few ponies. Seeing where the power curve meets the torque curve at 7,000rpm makes sense, as it’s a direct correlation in realtime. Utterly bonkers.

As you can see, it flattens out at the top of the range. More fresh air into the airbox would give a higher peak reading.



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