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Hi there. Yes, you. Sorry, been a bit baron on the 44T interwebs of late, which is down to spending excessive periods locked in a room, editing the Budget Bike Battle blockbuster series among other excuses. We’ve also been trying to launch an all-new website that’s proven far more engrossing than originally planned, as well as concentrating on video production. However, we’re back on the dot com…

After the success of the original BBB, here’s the second in (hopefully) a long running series of Budget Bike Battles. This time we’ve upped the stakes and gone for an Italian theme, although it seems as though spending over £12,000 of our own money on providing free content isn’t enough for a small minority. Ah, the joys of the internet’s finest specimens.

Anyway, trawling the internet’s finest Italian specimens highlighted, a) we were never going to conform to our early budget of £5k and, b) if we did, we’d have to surrender and take a pair of stinking RSV Milles. Which isn’t really a battle, is it?

Regardless of colour or creed, Budget Bike Battle Italia is going to be a whopper. We’ve got some fresh ‘team’ stickers coming soon and there’ll be more episodes before the roadtrip begins in September. Ciao ragazzi, e ragazze…



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  1. Looking forward to this battle.
    Personally I remember drooling over the 999 when it first came out, though because I don’t spend time in motorcycle circles per se, didn’t realize it polarized so many people.
    Given the price I paid for my lightly used 1299S, this is definitely budget Italia being offered here. Brilliant.

  2. Great news guys, and after the last epic battle can it really be broken with banter, whit, drink and bikes breaking down.

    Keep up the good work


  3. Well well, it’s about time you threw some content up in here, Mister! Just kidding. Since you guys live amongst various media forms, you are not hard guys to find!

    And so the new battle begins. And I have to say, I give your selections a vigorous TWO THUMBS UP! I know, I know, the original budget was supposed to be 5K. But honestly, you were never going to come up with anything even remotely decent for that price. I mean really, 1000 RSV Milles? Y’all would be slumming for sure! Again, just kidding! I used to work the races at Laguna Seca with a gentleman that had one, and it was a fantastic machine. My Spyders had a derivative of that 998 52 degree Twin, and it was bullet proof. Having said that, it does not and could not hold a candle to the bikes you have chosen.

    SO the road trip doesn’t launch until September? I am guessing there has to be some preparation episodes that will be made to get everyone’s appetite up. Because if you expect us to wait until September for the next installment, you are sadly mistaken, Sir! Not kidding here!

    All kidding aside, you guys have really hit the jackpot with the BBB series, it’s a smash hit. Good luck with this new battle, I know it will be fantastic. Looking forward to seeing the new merch as well. Cheers!

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