Video: BMW R nineT Scramblers in London

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44T regulars will know that we blagged an exclusive pair of BMW R nineT Scramblers ahead of the nationwide dealer launch earlier in October. Rather than another tiresome review, we decided to capture a day’s worth of japes in the capital, eat burgers, wear piss-pots and take you guys on a Scrambler-inspired night ride.  

Evading prepubescent hoodlums and acid thrown in our faces, we dissected London aboard the all-new Scrambler and headed for The Bike Shed. Once there, Baron enjoyed a session at the in-house barbershop and we both enjoyed a Bike Shed burger – quite possibly one of the world’s finest gourmet burgers – and meeting a few of you lot.

Despite the minority, London is (sometimes) a wonderful environment to ride as an outsider, absorbing the décor and revelling in philandering eyes looking enviously at one’s steed. Sometimes we rode like we were being chased by Honey G brandishing a bottle of sex lube, other times we pootled along and endured London’s shittery. The Scrambler obliged. Enjoy.


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