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The first episode of the greatest thing ever to appear on the interwebs is now live. Yep, the first action-packed instalment of our 999 v F4 roadtrip took the world wide web by storm last week, highlighting our touring woes as we leave England for Baden-Baden (it’s so good-good) and our final destination of Mugello.

Being the Budget Bike Battle, we saved ourselves a few quid by chucking the Italian stallions in the van and taking the Eurotunnel, before offloading the steeds and dissecting French motorways. It was then time for a beer (or 10) and meeting a lovely Turkish barman, whose name I can’t pronounce, let alone spell. This episode really is that gripping.

EP02 should have been up yesterday but we’re experiencing some technical difficulties, so if you haven’t seen EP01 yet, you need to. If you have, watch it again so we get more money and stuff. Thanks. Bye.


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