Video: 44T Trackday at Parcmotor

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In terms of trackdays, this was the daddy. Three days of open pitlane nirvana, a hidden gem of a circuit, perfect Spanish sunshine, MotoGP megastars and, above all else, exquisite company. We had guys and gals coming from Australia, Canada and even Scotland, plus a few Catalan locals who simply turned up for the craic. Even Mel B made an appearance. Being able to feel the love, first-hand, was a humbling experience and only fuels the desire to thrive for 44T world domination.

Our first day on track was Monday. Everyone knew each other on the Sunday before we’d even hit the track. As most filtered into the hotel and onto the bar, pints (of gin and tonic) were flowing and lifelong friendships were formed. Sim cards were temporarily lost under patio decking and rescued using plastic golf clubs and mayonnaise. The pre-event stresses, strains and trepidations were soon drowned.

Big thanks to everyone who made these four days an unforgettable experience for all involved, and of course to Pacific Motorsport who provided much more than logistics. Here’s a snippet of what you missed, and what you can look forward to. We’ll bring you details of the next 44T orgy soon…



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