Video: 24 Hours on a Ferry

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If you’re travelling to southern France, Spain or Portugal for trackdays and have your trusty steeds in transit, then there’s only really one option for travel: a ferry to northern Spain. It costs a fair chunk more than the Calais poopshoot but more than remedied by saving time and fuel, and revelling in night-time entertainment and those unrivalled chocolate mousses.

En route to Estoril for a top-secret mission, we jumped on Brittany Ferries’ Mont St Michel from Portsmouth to Santander and decided to whip the camera out. We’ve had a lot of requests for more cocking around and behind the scenes videos, so here’s a nugget of joy to kick-start the Bank Holiday weekender.

Join us as we plummet to new depths of despair and puerile drunken states. And yes, there’s plenty to come from our time at Estoril…


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