44teeth is a love child shared between an experienced moto-journalist and an internet phenomenon. In the summer of 2014, the pair set out to create a 100% independent, thrilling new digital platform to offset the obvious disparity between today’s consumer needs and the out-dated contemporary waffle.

Let’s be honest: there aren’t many decent online motorcycle magazines/websites in the UK, and aims to remedy this torrid situation. Jaded by what’s currently on offer, we strive to deliver engaging content, impartial advice and dynamic reviews, all ministered by exquisite photography and informative, entertaining video. 44T is like Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, only we create delicious, motorcycle-based content rather than meth.

Alastair Fagan cut his teeth in the gritty underworld of Fast Bikes Magazine. As Road Test Editor for nearly a decade, Fagan has ridden just about every bike manufactured, plus some über-trick specials ranging from mentally-tuned Fizzy 50s to Kevin Schwantz’s 1993 RGV500. He’s also raced in the British Superbike championship, the Isle of Man TT, but spent most of the time eating kitty litter. Some say he’s the fattest fastest journo in the UK…


Meanwhile, Chris Eades (aka Baron von Grumble) has been slowly taking over the digital world. One cold morning under the advice of a friend, he strapped a camera to his head to ride the busy London commute whilst musing on numerous topics and avoiding Addison Lee at every intersection. A mix of hatred and appreciation ensued which raised his profile and bigger things began to happen. In order to quench his entrepreneurial thirst, 44teeth is the place where he can unleash the beast inside.



And then there were trois. After five years of graft and putting everything on the line, 44T needed to flourish, but there simply weren’t enough hours in the day for Al and Chris to create the delicious content needed to expand the website, the increasingly popular YouTube channel, and the various social media platforms. There was only one thing for it; 44T needed some fresh meat…

And they found it. It took a little bit of persuasion to convince ex-Fast Bikes Road Tester, Mike Booth that the internet might one day catch on, but after promises of fame and fortune he eventually put down his quill. Like Fagan, Boothy’s spent most of his life racing (and crashing) whatever two wheeled machine he can lay his hands on, and has had the odd decent ride in the British Superstock Championship, the Isle of Man TT and even the Le Mans 24hr. Boothy’s vowed to “make the internet great again” so he should make a reasonable addition to the 44teeth team – we just hope you can understand his ridiculous northern accent.

Like what you see? Don’t like what you see? Tell us about it. We’re doing this for you, after all. If we were doing it for us, we’d be towing ourselves around in front of a laptop screen instead… The website is just a small part of 44T: head over to our YouTube channel for skids and wheelies in glorious video format

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