Triumph Turntable by Rega

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Kings of heritage and modern classics, Triumph has been busy working on its latest collaboration. This one is slightly less important than the recent announcement regarding a global partnership with Indian manufacturer, Bajaj. However, this one is far funkier.

The Hinckley factory has been working alongside Rega – a renowned British firm who produce top-shelf music equipment – to create its own turntable and vinyl record. The turntable features the coolest muthafunkin’ slipmatt you’ll ever see, with the front wheel of a 900cc Street Cup spinning under your dubplate of choice. The bad news is, only two have been made…

For obvious marketing effect, Triumph claims this was inspired by the rock ‘n’ roll heritage of its modern classics and, in particular, the Street range. Dubbed “Racing the Record,’ the vinyl has been pressed by Flying Vinyl and features 10 up and coming bands/songs that were voted in by Triumph fans. Despite a penchant for Phil Collins, I’m not a fan of rock music. It’s a bit shit, instead favouring EDM and naughty basslines.

We’re guessing it’s no Technics 1210 and Rega’s Triumph turntable probably won’t be the DJ’s deck of choice in Ibiza anytime soon, but it will adorn any sitting room or home studio and thoroughly jazz up the place. It’s fitted with a precision-built RB110 tonearm, a low-vibration, low-noise 24v motor assembly driving a precision bearing and 10mm float glass platter fitted with a custom-printed plinth.

And there’s even a launch evening taking place at, you guessed it, The Bike Shed on Tuesday the 29th of August where a few of the bands will rock out. Tickets are available but there is the chance to win some via Triumph’s socials, and possibly 44T’s. Any excuse for a piss-up…



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