Triumph Speed Twin Breitling Limited Edition

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If you ride bikes and your into your posh watches than this, the latest announcement from Triumph, will be right up your street. Triumph are releasing a limited edition Speed Twin, designed in partnership with Breitling, who have just made a matching chronograph watch.

The new partnership was officially announced today (22nd February 2022) in a press release bursting at the seams with words like precision, quality, style, heritage, passion and engineering excellence; all things that brands like Triumph and Breitling are known for. Or certainly what they’d like to be known for, anyway.

And the result of this new partnership isn’t just a new limited edition bike, but a fancy chronograph watch too. We’ll get to that in a minute, though.

First, let’s talk about the bike. The Triumph Speed Twin Breitling Limited Edition has all of the latest gen, Speed Twin upgrades that were introduced back in 2021, with some unique Breitling ‘Top Time’ features as well.


The Breitling edition colour scheme is a unique polychromatic blue to match the original 1951 Triumph Thunderbird, and, as you’d expect from a limited edition Triumph, there’s a bit of hand-painted detailing on there. There’s an elegant B (for Breitling) stitched onto the seat and bespoke Breitling style instruments, ‘featuring styling ques taken from the Breitling Top Time Triumph watch dial’.

And to make the package just that little bit more trick, they’ve given the Breitling Speed Twin fully adjustable Öhlins twin-shocks, with special black springs that you’ll only see on this limited edition model.

There’s only going to be 270 bikes, worldwide, each one having it’s number stamped onto the handlebar clamp. At £16,000 they’re not cheap. But for that you get a certificate of authenticity signed by Triumph CEO Nick Bloor and Breitling CEO Georges Kern, and the chance to buy a limited edition Breitling Top Time Triumph watch with a serial number to match your bike; the watch is another £4,500 though.


Breitling Top Time Triumph

But it is a very nice watch. It’s a COSC-certified chronograph, so it’s up there with the most accurate, and it looks trick as well, with its ice-blue dial to match the paint on your new Speed Twins fuel tank. So if you’re into nice bikes and nice watches, what better combination to have on your wrist and between your legs.

I’d absolutely love to have a smart watch like this Breitling Top Time. It’s probably not going to happen any time soon though because if I did ever have £4,500 to spend on a watch, I’d probably end up spending it on a bike instead. That said, if the bike I was buying was a Triumph Speed Twin Breitling Limited Edition, I’d find a way to beg, borrow or steal the extra cash to have the matching watch.


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