Triumph is up to something. And it can only be a good thing…

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Yesterday, we received a press release. Nothing new there, as we do everyday, but this one was an intriguing press release. It concerned an old colleague of mine, Jeremy Appleton, who used to be the face of media at Alpinestars and a consummate professional to boot. Triumph announced Jerry as the new ‘Global Racing Manager’ for the Hinckley manufacturer. 

Maybe I’m over-thinking this but Triumph appointing a Global Racing Manager? Yes, they supply engines in Moto2, and yes, they’ve just pulled the covers off the official factory effort in British Supersport this week, but the Moto2 deal is essentially run by Dorna and its partners, and the aforementioned British Superpsort effort utilises a modified Street Triple 765, not a bonafide racer with any pedigree. The point is, surely Triumph has more meaty racing plans and/or sporty models coming with such an appointment? 

“His appointment reflects Triumph’s commitment and growing investment within motorcycle racing. His focus will be on building global brand awareness and demonstrating Triumph innovation and performance credentials. Jeremy will report to Triumph’s Chief Product Officer, Steve Sargent and will help to co-ordinate our successful and record breaking Moto2 Engine partnership and also our new Factory supported 2021 British Supersports collaboration with PTR racing.” 

And this factory supported team is a massive job; they’ve enlisted the help of Simon Muckblaster’s PTR Racing squad, who have spent the past 15 years in World Supersport. They’ve also got two fast riders in Kyle Smith and Brandon Paasch (who won’t be cheap) on a grid full of prototype racers and proven supersport steeds.

As I said, I may be spouting complete codswallop, but that doesn’t stop us dreaming of a Daytona replacement or a fully-faired Speed Triple 1200 RS. Or anything racier from Triumph. The ‘growing investment within motorcycle racing’ is the intriguing nugget there, and we can only hope of some additional triple treats to drool over.

I think it’s fair to assume the Daytona is dead – the final hurrah being the limited-edition 765 Moto2 model. However, when quizzed, they haven’t ruled out a replacement and it’s always been a case of ‘if the public want it, we’ll make it.’ We want it, Triumph…   


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  1. Hoping they squeeze lil more power out that 660 triple and make a RS660 – upcoming R7 650 class sportbike rival

    1. I see what you’re saying, but I don’t think that makes sense. The 660 is not a new engine, it’s a sleeved down 675. It seems a bit odd to detune the engine by sleeving it down, and then tune it again to make it fit into a not quite emerged class, especially when a higher number of cylinders usually means a lower capacity limit.

      1. Sportbike version of the trident just makes sense to me as you already have your base there, Like SV650 and SV650s, rs660 and tuono 660 or mt07 and R7. I get your point engine wise, didn’t think about it tbh lol guess we’ll see ay

  2. I don’t know about “want it”, but to replace a 2001 Daytona 955i I would have certainly considered a Triumph replacement last year, even though my love affair with the Daytona was ruined by a dog of a T595 20 odd years ago. Yet, four years ago I bought another, slightly newer model. It was the DSSA model, and yellow, so went by the name of Thunderbird 4. It had much spent on it, such as getting it back to original spec’, but blew two regulator/rectifiers and a stator, a known issue with these and similar Triumphs. How it never caught fire was a miracle. Alas, with no replacement on the horizon, last year I bought a secondhand Ducati Panigale V4. I won’t be going back to a Triumph. And guess what? Surprisingly, the Panigale is cooler than the Triumph, which did a great impression of a three bar electric fire under your right thigh.

  3. Seriously doubt they’ve got a full fat superbike in them but they could redefine the sub 100bhp market – just need the FIM to step up and and back a global supertwins formula, take a leaf out of the FIA BOP GT3 regs

  4. Come on Triumph, please do a 1200 sportsbike! I love my S1000RR and I hope to always have sportsbike in the garage, but I’ve done twins and four pots now, I would definitely go for a litre plus triple when it’s time to change.

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