Triumph Bonneville Gold Line Editions

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If classy-as-caviar modern classic motorcycles are your thing, you’re going to be peaking about the latest news from Triumph. For one year only, their ‘renowned’ modern classic range will be available in Gold Line Editions. That’s the Scramblers, Street Scramblers, Bonnevilles, Bobbers and Speedmasters. Nice.

The announcement comes following the success of the Street Twin Gold Line Edition, launched earlier this year (2021), which sold out pretty sharpish. Because of its success, there are now eight different Gold Line models to choose from… or there will be in December. And they go from £9,900 (for the Bonneville T100) to £13,650 (for the Scrambler 1200 XE).

Gold lining, according to Triumph’s painters is a skill that takes ‘incredible patience, years of experience and the steadiest of hands’. That’s why the Gold Line Editions are an extra £600 – £800 more expensive.

Now, I could bore you with details about soft-bristled, sword-liner brushes and two-colour base schemes (as per Triumph’s press release). But I won’t. Nor will I rabbit on about the technical details of each of the models, because nothing’s changed in that department. But I will show you some pictures, because that’s probably what you want to see.

I think they all look dead smart. And, when I consider the fact that these type of bikes are the kind of thing that tend to be ridden by people that are keen on the whole image thing (there’s nothing wrong with that), I think they’ll sell like hot cakes. Because £600 – £800, in the scheme of things isn’t that much money. And as we all know, anything that’s a bit special-er than the norm, or limited edition, tends to hold its value better than something that’s not.

I’m not in the market for a Triumph Bonneville right now, but if I was, I’d put some serious thought into spending the extra cash, and having the bling-bling Gold Line Edition.


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