Top 6 UK Motorcycle Podcasts

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Have you completed 44teeth’s back catalogue of YouTube videos? If so, why not watch them again? You might see some bits you missed. I’m sure they’ll be just as informative and entertaining the second time round. Once you’ve been through them half a dozen times, you might decide it’s time to try something new; you could try having a listen to a podcast. “What the fudge is a podcast?”. Well it’s a bit like a radio show with hosts that discuss anything from saxophones to sexuality. Some are well worth listening to. Some are fucking rubbish. But it you fancy getting with the program, taking the leap into the 21st century and giving podcasts a chance, there are a handful of decent options. You might like them, you might not… what’ve you got to lose? Here are six of the most popular UK motorcycle podcasts, to get you started.

Full Throttle

This podcast or ‘pod’, as the kids call them, is brought to you by the people at Eurosport. It’s hosted by Greg Haines, whose voice will be familiar to any World Superbike fans listening. Greg’ll often be joined by current and/or ex-racers to discuss the weekends racing, be it WSBK or BSB. If you’re after all the Hello Magazine-spec behind-the-scenes gossip, then Full Throttle might be the thing to tune into after a weekend spent watching bikes go round in circles. There are tons of episodes, that go right the way back to 2018. They tend to be between half and hour and an hour long. If racing’s your thing, give one a try and see what you think.

Paddock Pass Podcast

This is another one for racing fans. Racing journos Jensen Beeler, David Emmet, Neil Morrison and Steve English for this one. It’s a mega popular podcast with MotoGP and WSBK fans alike. The lads discuss all the weekends racing in depth and analyse all the riders performances from an insiders perspective. After listening to a couple of episodes of Paddock Pass Podcast, you’ll soon discover that there’s a lot more to racing than meets the eye. Although you do have to ask yourself whether or not you actually care. If you do care, you’ll probably find this one really interesting.

Chasin’ the Racin’

On paper, Chasin’ the Racin’ is a podcast about bike racing, but really, it’s just two mates shootin’ the shit. They talk about what they, as bike racers themselves, have been up to, as well as chatting to different guests. Their guests might be other racers, team managers, even Fagan’s made an appearance. And the topic of conversation could be anything that’s going on in the biking world. The pair consists of Maths Teacher Chrissy Rouse, 2020 British Superstock Champion, and Ariel Forrester Dom Herbertson, who’s a very accomplished TT racer; they both know their stuff, and know how to have a laugh. If you fancy listening to something that’s really chilled out, and guaranteed to make you smile, Chasin’ the Racin’ isn’t a bad shout.

Front End Chatter

Martin Fitz-Gibbons and Simon Hargreaves have both got decades of experience in the motorcycle industry. And the success of their motorcycle podcasts, or certainly the longevity of them, would suggest that plenty of people like to hear what they’ve got to say. Topics chatted about range from racing, to road bikes and everything in between, including current motorcycle affairs and emails from listeners. This is the podcast for the bloke whose love for motorbikes isn’t specific to one particular element or one specific genre of bikes; Front End Chatter has got it all… or, it’s certainly got plenty.

The Full Tank Motorcycle Podcast

This one is hosted by a couple of popular YouTubers, Rob, from the MOTOBOB YouTube channel and Tim from Rarefied Road. Their motorcycle podcasts cover loads of different topics, including new bike releases, bikes they’ve ridden and road tested, bike events that are happening, and any other bike news. It’s another dead chilled out one and there’s a private Facebook page which you can join that encourages the listeners to get a bit more involved. They even sometimes have a cheeky quiz; how’s that for audience participation!

TeapotOne – Bru Time

TeapotOne, or Bruce, to his mates, is an ex-copper from Scotland that made his name by circumnavigating the globe on a Gixxer. There aren’t many places he hasn’t been. His motorcycle podcast, Bru Time, tends to be him chatting to different people in the motorcycle industry, with guests from all corners of the media as well as the custom bike scene and the racing paddock. Bruce and his guest will answer questions from listeners and swap anecdotes from their lives in the industry, or outside of it, and they are usually worth a laugh or two; particularly when 44T royalty Baron and Fagan joined him for a ‘Bru’.

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  1. Great choices but I’m a big fan of The Race podcast. It’s focused on MotoGP but it’s great

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