Motorcycle riding kit doesn’t last for ever. Especially if you’ve got a penchant for crashing; I’ve been known to go through several helmets and... Top 5 ways to upcycle old riding kit

Motorcycle riding kit doesn’t last for ever. Especially if you’ve got a penchant for crashing; I’ve been known to go through several helmets and almost as many leather suits in a single year. But even if you’re not a top crasher, like me, things soon wear out, go out of date and out of fashion. But we motorcyclists are a responsible bunch, and not the type to needlessly throw all our old gear into the nearest landfill site. Because there are loads of things you can do with your old riding kit, and here are some of the best.

Hang on, that’s my helmet

According to most of the helmet manufacturers, after five years, you really ought to think about getting yourself a new lid; that’s whether you’ve crashed in it or not. So what do you do with your old one? Well one option would be to decorate the outside of your house with it. Simply affix some chains to the bottom of your spent lid, hang it upside down from a soffit or gallows bracket, then fill it with soil and your favourite summer flowers, such as fuchsias or begonias. The more green fingered amongst you might even try your luck with tomatoes or strawberries. The possibilities are endless.

The air vents will act as perfect drain holes in the event of over-watering and you can use the visor as a window to keep an eye on any critters that have made a home in your former helmet.

Stone the crows…

If you’re a penniless farmer, the last thing you’ll want to do is dress your scarecrows in your best britches, wellies and pullover. The fact is though, that even the most timorous crows aren’t likely to be put off by a naked scarecrow; essentially just an upright bundle of straw.

So when you’ve crashed in your leathers a hundred times, and your helmets got a big dent in the side of it, why not put it all to work in the field. A one-piece’, packed full of straw would almost stand up by itself, and not many things look more like a head than a helmet. It’s the perfect, 21st century answer to an age-old problem. And with all the extra money you’ll make, thanks to fewer crows eating into your profits, you can buy yourself a brand new wardrobe full of kit.

Mommas got a brand new bag

You could go and pay £1,000 for a Louis Vuitton leather bag, if you wanted to, but that would be absolutely mental. No, what would make much more sense would be to have that old leather suit turned into a bag. Because if it doesn’t fit any more or it’s torn to shreds, all it’s doing is cluttering your house up, isn’t it?

And it’s actually a lot easier than you think to turn an old set of leathers into a bag. All you’ve got to do is have a word with someone like Aly at, and let them do the hard work. You’ll be the talk of the town with your new custom-made leather weekend bag.

Cushion for the pushin’

If you can make a bag out of your old leathers, you ought to be able to make anything out of them. Well, not anything, but you know what I mean. Is the leather upholstery on your old bar stools looking a bit shabby? Do you fancy some leather cushions to go with your new three piece suite? Or maybe the dog needs a new winter coat? Let’s face it, the dog will probably look after it better than you did.

So don’t throw your old riding kit away. Do something with it. Create something new. Upcycle it. Save the planet.


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