Top 5 Motorcycle Christmas presents 2021

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If you’re struggling to think of something to buy your motorcycling friends, family or partners this Christmas, struggle no more. We’ve done some digging and found five of the best motorcycling gifts you can buy your loved ones, this Christmas.

Lid Lamps

If any of you went to Motorcycle Live a few weeks ago, you might have seen the guys from Lid Lamps flogging their latest invention. Put simply, it’s a desk lamp in the shape of a crash helmet. I think they are mega cool. And rather than just being a novelty toy, they are actually really well made. They’ve got a sweet carbon fibre effect base, and you can alter the intensity of the LED light with the touch sensitive control; which is also the on/off switch.

You can also lift the visor up and down to increase (or decrease) the light intensity, which is pretty nifty. They come in five different colours, so there’s bound to be one to match your décor (or your leathers). So why not bring some light into someone’s life this December?

Lid Lamp – £104.17 buy it here

John Hopkins: Leathered

‘Leathered: A Life Taken to Extremes…on and off the Bike’ is ex-GP rider John Hopkin’s remarkable memoir. And the aptly titled book reveals a lot more about ‘Hopper’ than you might expect. It’s far from yet another story of a talented youth, turned professional racer, turned team manager. It’s a tale of a professional athlete’s battles with sex, drugs and rock and roll, and all that other good stuff.

Hopper had some incredible highs during his racing career, as well as some unbelievable lows… and they make for some seriously entertaining reading. It’s available as a paperback, hardback, for the kindle and on audiobook, and it’s definitely worth a read.

Leathered – from £7.91 buy it here

MotoGP Monopoly

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a big family fallout over a pointless board game, is it? And if you’re going to fall out over any board game, you’re going to fall out over Monopoly. But rather than falling out over the same old game of Monopoly that has been played since the dawn of time (actually since 1935), why not fall out over the Limited Edition MotoGP version; because that sounds like much more fun, doesn’t it?

The rules have been tweaked to please a slightly more motorsport orientated audience, but the philosophy of market domination remains. What better way to make your kids cry, your wife fall out with you, and your parent’s leave early this Christmas?

MotoGP Limited Edition Monopoly – £39.00 buy it here

Isle of Man TT Calendar by Rachael Clegg

Avid TT fans will be familiar with the work of Rachael Clegg, the artist and journalist who’s known for creating works of photographic art which tell stories about the Isle of Man TT. The images tend to be shot at various historic places on the island, depicting various props, accompanied by an unrobed Rachael. So yes, a lot of the images do have an arse in them, but it’s art, and if your wife doesn’t understand that she needs to broaden her horizons.

Because of understandable logistical problems, a lot of the images for the 2022 calendar were shot away from the Isle of Man, and they tell the story behind the story. There are some interesting images of some cool stuff though, every one of which tells a story. Art that you can learn from. And naked ladies. What more could you ask for at Christmas?

2022 Milestones Calendar – £30.00 buy it here

44Teeth Merch

This one should be top of the list really because everyone in the world, whether they are a 44Teeth fan or not, would definitely benefit from having some 44Teeth merch in their life. And there really is something for everyone. Whether to keep covid at bay with our stylish 44Teeth face masks, keep your hair dry with our even stylish-er 44Teeth umbrellas, or just to show your support and represent 44T with a keyring or sticker.

And then there’s the wearables; tee-shirts, hoodies and caps, with literally thousands* of designs to choose from. And it’s not cheap tat either, all our garms are genuinely top quality. And the best bit is, every tee-shirt, hat or keyring we sell helps us put more and more exiting content together for the website and the growing YouTube channel. Winner. Look good, stay warm, be cool.

44Teeth Merch – from £5.00 buy it here

*not literally thousands


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