The Ultimate Bike Simulator?

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When the tracks are closed but you’re gagging to twist the noise tube, there’s only one thing for it. Well, there are several options, but most of them involve flouting the rules/breaking the law/driving to Spain, so you need a bike simulator to prevent a fine from Boris. As far as we know, Moto Trainer is the only true motorcycle simulator with any real substance, and when the likes of the VR46 Academy and ex-250 GP world champ, Manual Poggiali use one for training, it must be half-decent. 

We got an invite to Moto Trainer UK’s HQ in LDN to sample the goods; a man-size R6 (you can ‘install’ any bike), linked to the hardware where you follow a real-life MotoGP onboard around a track of your choice. You don’t control what’s on screen but the simulator can be used with an xBox, and Dorna has just finalised a partnership with Moto Trainer, which will add another dimension to Milestone’s MotoGP game.   
We’d have liked a bigger screen to allow us to look through the corners properly and a giant fan would have been nice, but this is a banger. The ultimate bike simulator?

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  1. You guys heard of this sim? Apparently they also move the bike to simulate braking (down) and accelerating (up). Iv tried contacting them a few times to see if they are in the uk…. with no reply
    Were can one try a moto trainer in the uk?

  2. This rig must have cost thousands and they miss the most important attitude ‘Visuals’ by giving you a £150 screen

    Screen is nowhere near big enough.
    So where is the realism riding and racing a bike as to racing a friggin tank??

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