The most expensive Japanese motorcycle.

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The world record for the most expensive Japanese motorcycle ever auctioned has just been broken. Can you guess what it was? Well, you’ve probably worked it out from the picture. Yes, it was a 2016, never-ridden, Honda RC213V-S. And it sold for a eye-watering £182,500.

When I say pristine condition, I really mean it. This particular RCV213V-S is still in its original flight case, with the original factory bubble wrap on the mirrors. Back when these were new they only actually made 159bhp, unless you spent the extra £10k on the race kit, which took the ‘MotoGP bike for the road’ up to a more respectable 216bhp.

Back then, when they were new, they were ‘only’ £137,000 (£147,000 with the race kit). But unfortunately you can’t buy a new Honda RC213V-S anymore; this one is probably the closest to ‘new’ you’ll get. And that’s why it’s got such a hefty price tag.


With proper MotoGP technology (albeit from yesteryear – the bike is based on the 2012 HRC MotoGP bike), the V4 engine, GP style mass centralisation, at 160kg this thing is bound to be an absolute weapon to ride. I would have loved to have had the chance to ride one.

So it seems a real shame that there’s one that’s never been ridden. And is likely to be destined to sit amongst a collection of other pristine motorcycles, never to be ridden. Never to be used as they were intended.


Of course, if this bike had a load of miles on it, had been on track, or worse, crashed, it wouldn’t have fetched anywhere near £182,500. The reason it’s worth so much is because it’s a zero-miler. But if you ask me, that’s the reason it’s not worth anything at all. Why would anyone want a bike that they can’t ride? Or a bike that they can ride, but if they do, they’ll instantly lose tens of thousands of pounds. But surely a bike that you can’t ride, is just a useless ornament. It’s clutter. Why would anyone want something like that clogging their garage up?

If you’re the bloke (or the woman) that’s bought yourself a £182,500 RC213V-S, the most expensive Japanese motorcycle ever, then good luck to you. I hope your investment pays off over time. But I can’t say I’m thrilled about the idea of such a magnificent motorcycle, still in it’s crate, six years after it was put in there. What a waste.


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  1. Nothing more sad than buying a car or bike as an investment. Just to sit there doing nothing. Pointless. Hopefully it’s somebody who’s stinking rich and doesn’t care about depreciation and just enjoys it!

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