The best race circuit in the world

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I’ve been lucky enough to ride and race at quite a few race circuits in the UK and abroad, and because of that, I quite often get asked which my favourite one is. Now if I’m being totally honest, my favourite place to ride a motorcycle in the whole world is the Isle of Man, and I can’t see that changing any time soon. But even when the roads are closed and we’re allowed to race round there, you’d be hard pushed to actually call it a race circuit. No, if you want to know which actual race circuit is my favourite one, and arguably the best one in the entire world… that’s easy, it’s Mugello.

In the Tuscan Hills between Florence and Bologna lies what I believe is the most delightful 3.3 miles of blacktop known to man. Mugello has got it all, from a mega-long, 200mph start finish straight, to second gear flip-flop esses, and everything in between.

It’s one of those circuits that, when you look at the diagram, with its straight lines and geometric-looking turns, looks as though it could have been designed by a bloke on his laptop, with no real thought for what it would be like to ride. But it doesn’t look like that when you get there, with its hills and cambers. And the telly definitely doesn’t do the place justice.


And when you’re riding round, it really does feel as though they’ve designed the track to follow the natural curves and rises of the land. It really is quite magnificent.

The fact that it’s such a long way away for us British folk is a bit of a pain in the arse, but it’s not unreachable, and there are always trackday spaces there available for people that are prepared to travel. If you’re thinking about planning a foreign trackday, I really would recommend putting some thought, and a bit of time on the Google machine, into Mugello.  It might not be as cheap as one of the many Spanish options, but my word, it is one hell of a track.


There aren’t many race tracks in the world that have such a perfect flow, and give you such a sense of exhilaration when you attack them flat-out and such a sense of reward when you get them right. Mugello does. And it rewards good chassis and well set up suspension as much as it does fast engines. It really has got all you could ask for in a race track.

So there you go, that’s what I consider the best race track in the world. Can anyone raise the bar?


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  1. Phillip Island! Have watched the Motogp races there and also attended track days, awesome track and place, weather can play a big part though.

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