Five main types of motorcycle frame
Before the internet came along and I couldn’t get my daily fix of bikes and breasts online, you’d quite often find me with my head in a magazine. If I wasn’t pulling out the centrefolds for masturbatory purposes, I was ogling over the latest and greatest superbikes; dreaming of... Read more
Top Tips for storing your bike over winter
If you don’t care what the weatherman says and you’re the kind of kid that will go out for ride on your bike regardless of what’s falling out of the sky, fair play to ya. For a lot of us, though, the hour of cleaning that tends to be... Read more
Social media; a valid second opinion?
They’re on our phones, our laptops and our personal computers. There’s no escaping them, so we check them daily, hourly and sometimes minute-ly. They keep us entertained, informed and in touch with friends, relatives and people we’ve never met. They’re social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter,... Read more
There’s no such thing as a daytime MOT
Despite what you might have been told, there’s no such thing as a daytime MOT. There’s only one kind of MOT, and you can only either pass it or fail it. But when someone says they’ve taken all the lights off their bike, or have put a ‘daytime MOT’... Read more
Top 5 ways to improve your motorbike
There isn’t a bike in the world that is absolutely perfect. Ok, one or two are quite close and most modern bikes are very capable of doing everything well. But thanks to manufacturers developing bikes to please the majority, not to mention jump through various legislative hoops dependant on... Read more
Video: Panigale Pre-race Prep
We’re lucky enough to work with one of the best teams in the British Superbike paddock, not just amongst the throng of Ducati Cup runners. The P&H/Carl Cox squad amass endless hours of behind-the-scenes grafting and bike prep before and after every race. Race weekends are merely a fraction... Read more