Triumph bring production back to Britain
With sales up by 29% last year, Triumph have decided they need to build some more bikes. And they’re going to do it in their Hinckley factory. Triumph are bringing production back to Britain. Since Triumph shipped the production of their Speed Triple and Tiger 1200 models over to... Read more
The shocking state of UK roads
Lots of people get really upset about the state of the roads in the UK. For the amount of road tax we all pay, they should be pristine, shouldn’t they? But they’re not. Potholes continue to grow and multiply, drains remain blocked causing vast swathes of highway to disappear... Read more
British Motorsport ‘Could End’ Due To EU Ruling
Vnuk. A seemingly innocent four-letter acronym. It’s not. This one is basted in doom and misery, and it’s not even an FLA. This week, the government issued a document for public consultation with an option to implement the European Court’s decision involving the ‘Vnuk judgment.’ The Vnuk judgment imposes... Read more
Video: Ducati 959 Panigale Takeover
We’ve managed to get our grubby mitts on one of the first Ducati 959 Panigales to make it to the UK. Bologna’s revised hyper middleweight – not surprisingly – seriously impressed during the circuit-based launch in Valencia, although UK roads offer a very different set of challenges/dead badgers, especially... Read more