2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 First Ride
The ‘big’ adventure bike market has got some seriously strong contenders in it, and they’re only getting stronger. Last year we got a new Ducati Multistrada and KTM 1290 Super Adventure, the year before that a new Honda Africa Twin, and the year before that a new BMW GS.... Read more
Triumph bring production back to Britain
With sales up by 29% last year, Triumph have decided they need to build some more bikes. And they’re going to do it in their Hinckley factory. Triumph are bringing production back to Britain. Since Triumph shipped the production of their Speed Triple and Tiger 1200 models over to... Read more
Triumph Speed Twin Breitling Limited Edition
If you ride bikes and your into your posh watches than this, the latest announcement from Triumph, will be right up your street. Triumph are releasing a limited edition Speed Twin, designed in partnership with Breitling, who have just made a matching chronograph watch. The new partnership was officially... Read more
Triumph TE-1 | Ready, but not ready.
There’s been quite a lot of noise about Triumph’s TE-1 project on the internet and in various other media outlets. Certainly more noise than you might expect, considering the TE-1 is nothing but a prototype, and Triumph, nor any of its technical partners, have any plans to put it... Read more
Triumph officially back in WSBK paddock in 2022
After scoring seventh and eighth in the British Supersport Championship with Kyle Smith and Brandon Paasch respectively, Dynavolt Triumph are stepping up to the big leagues, the World Supersport Championship, for 2022. That’s right, the news has just come through that the Simon Buckmaster run team will be running... Read more
2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 | A new adventure
It sounds like Hinkley lot mean business with the 2022 Triumph Tiger 1200. Rather than just updating what is/was a very serviceable adventure bike with a new colour scheme, they’ve gone all the way back to the drawing board to create a lighter, faster, and altogether more capable machine.... Read more
Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RR | First Ride
We learnt a few months ago that the Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RR was not going to be the  ‘Daytona Superbike’ that everyone wanted it to be. No, rather than a superbike, it’s more of a premium spec super-naked, in café racer clothing. So to see if the ride... Read more
More 2022 Special Edition Triumph s
Special editions; we love ‘em don’t we? Well Triumph seems to think we do. Because whether their bikes are selling like hot cakes, or gathering dust in their dealerships, they can’t help themselves sprinkling a modicum of fairy dust on (almost) all of their models, in an effort to... Read more
Triumph Bonneville Gold Line Editions
If classy-as-caviar modern classic motorcycles are your thing, you’re going to be peaking about the latest news from Triumph. For one year only, their ‘renowned’ modern classic range will be available in Gold Line Editions. That’s the Scramblers, Street Scramblers, Bonnevilles, Bobbers and Speedmasters. Nice. The announcement comes following... Read more
Triumph Tiger Sport 660 | Triple Trippin’
After the success of the Triumph Trident 660, it ought to come as no surprise that the Hinkley crew, keen to capitalise on the popularity of their newest engine platform, have released this, the Tiger Sport 660. Think Triumph Trident, with a big fuel tank, a more upright riding... Read more
Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RR
After a bit of teasing and a bit of leaking, Triumph have finally let us know exactly what the new Speed Triple 1200 RR is all about. Much to the disappointment of many, it’s not a Superbike. I know we’re all desperate for Triumph to build a big-bore Daytona,... Read more
Triumph bag three more years with Moto2
Triumph and Dorna called a press conference this afternoon to make an announcement. And it could only ever have been to announce one of two things; that Triumph were going to continue supplying engines to the Moto2 grid, or that they weren’t. Turns out the former is true, as... Read more