What to think about when testing a new bike
If you’re in the market for a new bike and you’ve got a dealer that’s happy to let you take a few options for a spin, you’d be bonkers not to. But sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what you can take away after testing a new bike other... Read more
What not to do when buying a used bike.
When you’re buying yourself a motorbike, there are a handful of things that you really ought not to do. Buying bikes tends to involve dealing with people you don’t know, and have got no real reason to trust, so there are a lot of things that could go wrong.... Read more
Beware of naughty auction tricks
Recently I’ve seen a few adverts on various auction sites that are peppered with lies. Lies that, unless you knew better, or knew how to find out the truth, you might very well believe. So to help you avoid having your pants pulled down by a dodgy seller, I... Read more
Why selling a bike is like losing a family member
I’ve got a bit of a problem (actually, I could probably write you a list of ‘em). I love buying motorbikes, no matter how old or falling to bits they are. But the problem is, I really struggle to sell them. So what’s happened is this, I’ve filled up... Read more
There’s more than one place for buying and selling used bikes
Who can remember the olden days, before the internet? When the only option when buying and selling used bikes was to peruse posters stuck to noticeboards and toilet doors, or ads in mags and newspapers. It was either that or let your local bike dealer pull your pants down.... Read more
When selling a bike is like losing a family member
I don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing someone load my pride and joy into their van. You might have just shoved a fist full of dollars into your sky rocket but it’ll be scant redemption. And if seeing it disappearing down the street doesn’t put a knot... Read more