Why everyone should ride a motorcycle at least once.
It’s a sad fact that many people will go through their entire lives having never ridden a motorcycle. Not even once. Some might go through life without even thinking about riding one, and that really is a crying shame. Because everybody that can, should make sure they ride a... Read more
Motorcycles and the new Hierarchy of Road Users
There’s a change coming to the Highway Code that’s going to affect every road user, from pedestrians to truckers. And the new rules will apply from the end of this month (January 2022). The Hierarchy of Road users philosophy is one that’s been put to good use in some... Read more
Slowing down makes you crash.
We all know that speed doesn’t kill. It’s usually slowing down or coming to a stop really, really suddenly that does it. But I think the point they’re trying to make is that you’re more likely to die, or hurt yourself, if you crash when you’re going fast. I... Read more
Awesome UK roads you need to ride in ’22
A mate of mine is pestering me to help him plan a little riding holiday in Europe. He wants to explore the Alps, ride all of its mountain passes, drink foreign beer and spend a long weekend doing it. But I’ve told him he doesn’t need to go all... Read more
Top 5 ways to keep riding in winter
There is nothing better than getting out on your bike and enjoying the beautiful British weather. Trouble is, we only get about three days of it a year, and most of us have to spend them at work. But we’re British, so we don’t complain. Stiff upper lip and... Read more
Year-round motorcycling | Sorted
The ardent motorcyclist won’t let a bit of rain or snow stop him (or her) getting out on his (or her) bike. But plenty of us will. As well as being a bit cold and miserable, the chances of throwing your pride and joy into a ditch certainly increase.... Read more
Top 5 Ways for Novices to go Off-Road Riding
There are a bunch of really good reasons for everyone to have a go at off-road riding, but the main reason is simple; you’ll have a jolly good time. It can be a little bit daunting though, trying something new for the first time. Particularly something that there’s a... Read more
Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Riding
As much as some people hate to admit it, we’re not all god’s gift to motorcycling. Only a fool would call even the top MotoGP stars ‘perfect’ riders. No, we can all improve our riding game and there’s always room for improvement when it comes to bike control, body... Read more
Rear brake | When should you use it?
Everybody rides differently. When you do your bike test, you’ll probably be taught to use your rear brake and your front brake in roughly equal measures. If you come from an off-road background, you might use your it more. If you’ve done a bit of road racing, you might... Read more