Top 5 ways to upcycle old riding kit
Motorcycle riding kit doesn’t last for ever. Especially if you’ve got a penchant for crashing; I’ve been known to go through several helmets and almost as many leather suits in a single year. But even if you’re not a top crasher, like me, things soon wear out, go out... Read more
Essential kit for any motorcycle adventure
If your motorcycle adventures are anything like mine, you’ll be used to things going wrong. But whether they’re as calamitous as mine or not, it pays dividends to prepare for the worst. I haven’t always done that, and when I haven’t, I’ve usually regretted it. So here are a... Read more
How UK motorcycle helmets are tested
If you want to know how safe a motorcycle helmet is it’s quite easy to look up on the SHARP (Safety Helmets Assessment and Rating Program) website. They’ve got over 500 helmets listed on there, all of which have been put through a rigorous testing program and given a... Read more
If you can’t afford the best kit, at least get some that fits
Recently a friend of mine was bragging about his helmet (not that one, he was talking about his crash helmet). “These cost over £600 new, and I got it for £60,” he told me, “And it’s only three years old,” Out of sheer politeness, I ignored the fact that... Read more
There’s no such thing as bad weather
It’s January and it’s raining outside. It rained yesterday, and the day before that and the day before that. And it’s easy to use the excuse of ‘bad weather’ to stop us going out on our bikes. I’ll be honest, I’m as guilty as the next man for it.... Read more
How long does a helmet last?
If you’re anything like me, it’s not often you’ll get the recommended 3-5 years out of a crash helmet; I’ve usually smashed them to bits way before that, crashing some bike or another. But not everyone’s as clumsy as me. In fact most people take much better care of... Read more
My thoughts on the Quartararo striptease
If you didn’t see what happened during last weekends Catalan MotoGP, you’ll have no doubt seen the social media backlash. Monster Energy Yamaha Rider, and World Championship leader, Fabio Quartararo completed the last handful of laps with his leathers unzipped. Right down. Nobody really knows why they were unzipped,... Read more
Is it ever OK to wear second rate riding kit?
When you’ve crashed as many bikes as I have over the years, you soon appreciate the differences between decent riding kit and cheap stuff. And not just because the stuff that costs a bit more looks a bit nicer. Pucka riding kit usually fits a bit better to start... Read more