Where are the best and worst road surfaces in England?
A few months ago, I expressed an unpopular opinion about the state of the road surfaces here in the UK. I said that although there are a few roads that could use a bit of TLC, overall the vast majority are well built, well maintained and generally in good... Read more
The shocking state of UK roads
Lots of people get really upset about the state of the roads in the UK. For the amount of road tax we all pay, they should be pristine, shouldn’t they? But they’re not. Potholes continue to grow and multiply, drains remain blocked causing vast swathes of highway to disappear... Read more
Why (some) people hate motorcyclists.
Have you ever wondered why we motorcyclists seemed to be sneered upon, by all the other motorists on the road? Despite paying our fair share of road tax, we’re hated almost as much as cyclists, and I’ve often wondered why. So I’ve had a really good think about it,... Read more
Government cancel Smart Motorway rollout
After billions of pounds of our hard earned taxes have been spent, the government have decided that there isn’t enough evidence to suggest smart motorways are as safe as they first thought, so they’re canning the rollout of any new smart motorway schemes for five years. The plan is... Read more
2035 | A realistic target for motorcycle electrification?
The latest news is that from 2035 all new motorcycles produced will have to be electrically powered. That’s five years after the same rule will apply for cars. But will we really be ready for that? Will the industry be ready for it? And will the infrastructure be there... Read more
Aftermarket parts | When they’re a waste
Lots of us like the idea of having a bike with all the bling bolted to it. Akrapovič this, Dymag that, and Öhlins the other. And I think we’re right to. The right aftermarket kit can make even the blandest standard motorbike, that little bit more special. It might... Read more
Oi, keyboard warrior; get in the sea
Just this morning I was sat on the porcelain throne, smartphone in hand waiting for the splashes and mindlessly scrolling through the endless reel of guff on Facebook when I came across a post that stood out as being even more idiotic than the rest. My keyboard warrior detector... Read more
Why the fuel station is my biggest trigger
We’ve all picked the wrong queue at the fuel station and cursed ourselves for not being psychic. It’s a gamble, and like any form of gambling, some you win, some you lose. Occasionally though, you lose so spectacularly that your head almost explodes. Or is that just me? Some... Read more