MotoGP Sepang Test Results
Yesterday afternoon, exactly a month before the first round of the MotoGP World Championship kicks off under the floodlights of Qatar (6th March), the official MotoGP test at Sepang drew to a conclusion. In actual fact, it kind of unofficially ended at lunchtime when the Malaysian heavens opened and... Read more
My motorcycling bucket list
The bucket list. Things you’ve got to do before you kick the bucket. It’s something a lot of people put a lot of thought into, and I’m one of those people. In fact I’ll often daydream about what I want to do, the things I want to make happen... Read more
Equal opportunities in bike racing.
Over the past few decades, the strive for equality and equal opportunities has manifested itself in all walks of life. Professionally, socially and economically there’re now more opportunities for all types of people, from every type of background. But as great as that is, there are still people campaigning... Read more
Why I almost binned all my trophies.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some sort of legendary motorcycle racer that’s won races and championships all over the world. I’m a fairly average one, to be honest. But I’ve been doing it a long time, and I’ve had a little bit of moderate success here and there.... Read more
Jack Miller has got Covid-19
News came through today that Aussie MotoGP ace Jack Miller has caught Covid-19 and is isolating at his home in Australia. Some would say it’s a fairly handy time to catch it, as we’re six weeks away from the first round of the MotoGP Championship (Qatar, 6th March), but... Read more
Why bike racing fans are better than any other sports fans
Not everyone will know this, but bike racing fans are way better than any other type of sports fans. Or certainly better than any I’ve ever come across anyway. “In what way?” I hear you ask. Well quite a few ways… let me explain. Knowledge It never ceases to... Read more
Oliver’s Mount Spring Cup Cancelled
The organisers of the Oliver’s Mount road races have just made the announcement that the Spring Cup will not go ahead in 2022. And in a rare twist, for these times, it’s not down to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. No, rather than the cancelation having anything ‘public health’ related,... Read more
Full Highlights of the 2022 Dakar Rally
This morning, after thousands of race miles the Dakar Rally came to a dramatic end. The problem is, in the UK, unless you know where to find it, it’s really difficult to watch on the telly. So we thought we’d make it easy for you, and put all of... Read more
Sam Sunderland wins Dakar on a GASGAS
After twelve long stages and over 38 hours of competitive racing, Sam Sunderland from Poole in England, has just won his second Dakar Rally, this time on a GASGAS. The Brit, on his KTM Rally Replica-derived GASGAS only actually won one stage (stage 8) but his overall victory just... Read more
Triumph officially back in WSBK paddock in 2022
After scoring seventh and eighth in the British Supersport Championship with Kyle Smith and Brandon Paasch respectively, Dynavolt Triumph are stepping up to the big leagues, the World Supersport Championship, for 2022. That’s right, the news has just come through that the Simon Buckmaster run team will be running... Read more
North West 200 dates officially announced
We’ve just had conformation that the North West 200 Road Races will take place this year (2022) on the 8th-14th May. The news comes after two years of the event being cancelled thanks to the dreaded C word. I’m talking about the Covid, not that four-letter one that you... Read more
Watch Danilo Petrucci in tearful interview after winning first ever Dakar stage.
Yesterday, Danilo Petrucci became the first person ever in the history of the world to win both a MotoGP race and a Dakar Rally stage. And he did it in his first ever attempt at the Dakar Rally. And he didn’t just win by fluke, either. He didn’t just... Read more