Racing after COVID-19; what will it look like?
For the last 12 months, this coronavirus has refused to loosen its vice-like grip on the world’s population, surpassing worst-case scenario after worst-case scenario. As the death toll rises and PPE-deprived health services struggle to cope with the influx, we aim to answer the question on everyone’s lips; racing after COVID-19, what will it... Read more
Official MotoGP Test Results – Wednesday
Day one of the second preseason MotoGP test has come to an end with Ducati Lenovo Team’s Jack Miller topping the timesheets, beating Marc Marquez’s 2019 lap record by 2 tenths of a second. Factory Yamaha rider Fabio Quartararo was also under MM93’s ’19 pace, just 0.080 seconds behind... Read more
Baron von Grumble finally goes racing with CFMOTO
Yep, that’s right, Perkins is going racing. This exclusive announcement comes following the news that the No Limits Racing twins Championship will be sponsored by CFMOTO in 2021. The Chinese bike manufacturer, CFMOTO, are the biggest shareholder in the Chinese motorcycle market (19%), the biggest motorcycle market in the... Read more
New rules for Superstock “1000+”
It’s just been announced that there will be another little shake-up in the BSB class regulations. The Pirelli National Superstock 1000 Championship will drop ‘1000’ from its name allowing, the option for MCRCB to accept bikes of bigger capacity. Euro5 emissions rules have a lot to do with this.... Read more
Preseason crash fest; is it worth the risk?
It’s usually about this time of year that some race team or another issues a press release about their star racer spannering themselves on a motocross bike. Although you’ve quite often got to read between the lines to figure out exactly what went on. They’ll usually refer to it... Read more
Nature or Nurture? Is being a ‘Top Racer’ really in their blood?
It doesn’t matter if it’s British Superbikes, World Superbikes, MotoGP or any other major race series, for a lot of top riders it really is a family affair. Plenty are either following in the footsteps of their fathers or racing alongside their brothers. Kenny Roberts, Ron Haslam, Wayne Gardner,... Read more
Top 5: Ways to go bike racing for kids
Have you got a son, daughter or child of non-specific gender? Are you looking for a way to get them into bike racing? If so, first of all, have you really thought it through? Because chances are, they’re not going to become MotoGP champion and pay you back all... Read more
Is Marc Marquez special?
He’s not even 30 and he’s already one of the most successful motorcycle racers of all time. After a meteoric rise through the ranks of motorcycle grand prix racing, he made his debut in MotoGP in 2013, and with the exception of 2015 and 2020, has been pretty bloody... Read more
Top 5: Most bonkers bike races in the world
Bike racing’s great isn’t it? Whether you’re the one helmeted up and sat on the grid or watching it from the comfort of your favourite arm chair, there aren’t many things that beat it. And whilst BSB, WSBK, MotoGP and the like all definitely put the lead in my... Read more
COVID-19 Vs Bike racing
I think we can all agree that COVID-19 did a bit of a number on us in 2020. People were losing their jobs, their businesses and their lives, left, right and centre, so it was no surprise that sport, in general, took a bit of a hit. It was... Read more
Why do GP bikes look so different these days?
As Fagan quite rightly noted, Twitter went into a mini-meltdown the other day when Ducati unveiled their 2021 MotoGP weapon. Some people were really quite keen on it’s new, futuristic design. Others weren’t. In the couple of hours after its reveal, the 2021 Desmosedici suffered even more body-shaming than... Read more
Who’s going to win MotoGP in 2021?
After one of the most peculiar seasons of MotoGP ever, which saw nine different winners over 14 rounds, predicting who’ll win in 2021 isn’t going to be easy. Will it be one of 2020’s nine different winners? Will it be Marc Marquez? Will the Repsol Honda rider even be... Read more