2022 Yamaha XSR900 | Faster Son
Yamaha’s XSR Sport Heritage range is like no other, if Yamaha’s latest press release is to be believed. Why? Because each model pays tribute to an iconic Yamaha of the past. True; no other manufacturers’ ‘heritage’ range pays tribute to iconic Yamahas of the past.  But they wouldn’t, would... Read more
Kawasaki Z650RS | A Retro Revolution?
Kawasaki claim to have started a retro revolution – or a ‘retrovolution’ – with the introduction of this, the Z650RS. They reckon it’ll open up the mid-capacity class to ‘a wide range of riders’; although you’d probably have to say that it’s already open to most. Nevertheless, if you’re... Read more
Modern classics, what’s the big deal?
Can you remember Steve McQueen and his mate bombing around Germany, evading the Nazis on retro-as-you-like motorbikes? Do you remember old BSAs and AJSs with a nostalgic smile? I don’t. I’m too young. And I can remember many a conversation with my dad, and my old grandad, about the... Read more