Minimoto Madness: Part Two – The Race
There were megalolz, there were broken bones, there was some bloody serious racing to combat turkey comedowns and hangovers of monumental proportion: the annual post-xmas minimoto endurance race was a who’s who of MotoGP, WSB, BSB and TT paddocks rolled into an old hangar near Swindon. After a hurty... Read more
Minimoto Madness: Part Two
Remember last year’s post-Christmas minimoto endurance race, where Team 44Teeth acted as mobile chicanes amongst a clusterfuck of broken bones and trips to A&E? Well, there’s another instalment planned this Chrimbo and we’re rerunning the fun on the 27th of December – with a twist. The format is the... Read more
Video: Minimoto Madness
Suffering from severe hangovers and turkey comedowns, Team 44Teeth didn’t wallow in self-pity. Oh no. We trekked to Chippenham for the annual minimoto endurance at M4 Karting and some post-Xmas fume sniffing, teaming up with the northerner Ducati BSB racer pairing of Darren Fry and Ricky Holden. Now, Baron is... Read more